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Iwi today face a digital landscape flooded with content that often promotes a profit driven agenda, pushing people to consume more and lose touch with their true essence. For those in our communities who are hard to reach or have limited access to Te Ao Māori, there's a pressing need for high-quality content that introduces them to their culture, reminds them of their mana, and offers new pathways to connect with their rangatiratanga. Governments and global organizations have harnessed the power of strategic communication to achieve their goals, and as Māori, we can do the same. 'KōIwi Connect' is designed precisely for this purpose: to empower iwi with the tools and strategies to create quality content that reaches those whānau in need. Our mission is to flood the right platforms with messages that prioritize healing, offer new possibilities for our people, and reconnect them with their true selves, their culture, and their tūpuna. 'Iwi Connect' is more than a service; it's a pathway to a brighter future.

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At Whakaaro Factory, we've taken a community-driven approach to serving iwi through 'IwiConnect.' We believe in collaboration, starting with immersive workshops to uncover and cultivate the creative and digital talents within iwi communities. Our team works closely with iwi leaders and members to co-design systems that improve communication processes and simplify content creation and distribution. Together, we'll develop a suite of content that authentically represents each iwi, ensuring their messages resonate with their unique communities. Our commitment is rooted in understanding the diverse needs and nuances of iwi across Aotearoa. 'IwiConnect' is more than just a service; it's a long-term partnership focused on ensuring that our iwi stay relevant and utilize the massive power of effective communication and content design and creation. Our aim is to re-indigenize our people's thinking, offer new pathways, and support the evolution of te ao Māori in today's digital world for our mokopuna and uri whakaheke who will be living and breathing in this space.

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Our workshops are designed to empower whānau with valuable skills in Whakaaro Māori graphic design, communication, and brand strategy. Participants will gain expertise in creative proposal writing, content creation tailored for social media, and crafting effective messaging that resonates with their audience.


This service involves a deep dive into your iwi's unique story, heritage, and present-day dynamics through engaging wānanga sessions. We work closely with your iwi to comprehend its structures and communication platforms. By aligning with your intergenerational aspirations, we create a comprehensive communication strategy that helps you achieve your goals and strengthens connections within your iwi.


Our content creation services are flexible and tailored to your iwi's immediate communication needs. We collaborate with you to identify top priorities and design content accordingly, from initial planning phases to the final output. Whether it's developing professional brand identities for your kaupapa ā iwi, producing captivating animation series showcasing kōrero tuku iho, or crafting engaging social media posts, we equip you with the content you need to connect with your people effectively.

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At Whakaaro Factory, we recognize that while some iwi have received compensation from the Crown through treaty settlements and have made strategic investments in tools, resources, and improved communication for their people, not every iwi may be in a similar position. Our unwavering commitment is to ensure that services like ours are accessible to all iwi, prioritizing the needs of our people above all else. We continuously explore innovative approaches to make these essential services available and affordable for iwi, helping them connect with their communities effectively and promoting our rich Māori culture. Our goal is to empower every iwi, regardless of their financial circumstances, to have access to the tools they need to thrive in the digital world and strengthen their connections with their people.

Accessibility is at the forefront of our mission. We understand the challenges many iwi face in accessing the necessary resources to undertake meaningful projects that promote and protect our culture. That's why we're committed to leveraging our years of experience and track record in creative endeavors to facilitate collaborations and partnerships with creative funders. By pooling our expertise and pulling together compelling proposals, we aim to unlock access to larger funding pools for iwi. These partnerships can empower iwi to create a diverse range of taonga, such as meticulously designed resources, beautifully crafted books showcasing the wisdom of tūpuna, captivating animation series sharing our stories, and professionally executed promotion of iwi events and kaupapa. Through strategic social media content and intelligent communication, we engage whānau more effectively, fostering a gradual shift in thinking. With government funding readily accessible, we believe that as Māori, we should harness these opportunities to create taonga that contribute to the revival of our culture. Through collaboration and smart communication, we can achieve more for our people.

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This approach offers flexibility by covering the basic living costs for artists and creatives. To offset the remaining costs, an agreement can be made to honor the commitment over time or through mutual sharing of kai (food) and resources. These agreements will be formally documented to ensure trust and accountability.


This payment method follows a traditional approach where we provide a detailed quote for the anticipated time and services required for your project. Upon reviewing and accepting the quote, you'll commit by paying an upfront cost, typically around 50% of the total or as mutually agreed upon. Once this initial payment is received, we initiate Phase 1 and work diligently to progress your project to completion.

Upon successful project completion, we'll send you an invoice for the remaining balance. Once the final payment is made, you'll receive all project assets, giving you full control and ownership to utilize them as you see fit. "The Usual Way" ensures a structured and transparent payment process, providing you with a complete set of creative assets for your future use.


Collaborating with Whakaaro Factory on joint applications for government funding can provide access to a wide range of creative and digital project grants. Whakaaro Factory's experience and track record in successfully completing such projects can bolster the chances of securing funding for unique creative endeavors that ultimately belong to the iwi.


To accommodate iwi with varying financial capacities, we offer flexible payment plans. Iwi can choose to pay for the mahi (work) through weekly installments over an agreed-upon period. This ensures accessibility while enabling iwi to benefit from our services.


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