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Design Thinking

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Our Indigenous Design Thinking services can help you develop innovative Indigenous based value solutions based on the needs of your customers from the early development stages of your project right through to final output. It encourages organisations to focus on the people they're creating for, which leads to better products, services, and internal processes.

Our team can work with you to customise a way in which we can work together to inform your kaupapa from an IDT perspective.

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"When Ani first met with us to go through our design thinking process, we knew it was fundamental first and foremost to whakawhanaunga – to get to know us, and our back story. Through the exchange of whanaungatanga, she brought her expertise and lived experiences to the discussion and was able to present not just an indigenous model that aligned with our thinking and enveloped our product, but also pre-plan it’s future further than we had anticipated! This process was essential to our project, and we all walked away from this exchange having learnt, grown, extended our food baskets of knowledge a bit more. It’s quite exciting to be on this journey with Ani –  it has certainly set an open pathway for a collaborative journey to bring our product to life.

E mihi ana! "

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