We believe that a website shouldn't be just a place where information is stored, but that a website should tell a story and be a visual interactive experience as soon as you enter. It should capture your brands unique identity and it should also be easy for you and your organisation to update and manage whenever you need to without having to rely on an external programmer. 

Our websites are one of our best selling services because we not only create a designer and user friendly platform to promote your business but we use an internet based platform to create something beautiful for basic functionality or for more advanced features. We also dedicate time to showing you and your team how to use and manage the platform from anywhere in the world! As long as you have wifi access of course! :) 




Our basic Wix websites combine beautiful design with basic user friendly functionality. These sites are most suitable for businesses needing to show face on the world wide web, display your services, show people who you are and what you're all about and look good while you do it!

The Whakaaro Factory website is an example of a basic function website

Price range from $2 - $4k



Our advanced website services are perfect clients needing more advanced functionality such as online store features, or paid subscriptions and exclusive access pages. Our team have created advanced websites for clothing brands, international conferences, large learning institutions needing log in features and more. 

See example of an Advanced Website

Price range from $5k 

Asset 1.jpg


Advanced Website

Indigenous Armour is a clothing brand that celebrates the cultural wealth of indigenous people. This website was designed to look clean, simple yet stand out amongst the other Māori clothing brand websites. We focused on clean animation and transitions that helps that website to breath and makes the website easier to navigate and the clothing to stand out. 


Advanced website

This website was designed for an international yearly conference. It also has a global network where people from all over the world who have signed up can access exclusive pages such as live seminars, videos, and resources. 


Advanced Website

This advanced website was designed to be simple, user friendly, and allow the waka to help guide the user through the website. We also named and branded this kaupapa for our clients and created a whole user log in feature where people could gain exclusive access to the online courses. 




Whakaaro Factory have completed a range of work for large organisations all over New Zealand that aren't able to be published on our website yet. If you would like to see some of the extra work we have created privately we are happy to show you our wider portfolio upon request. 


Advanced website

This project was an exciting one for us because we got to challenge the current look and feel of the Blueberry industry and re-brand this company to look fresh, unique and fun. The website design also allowed to really bring out the brands playfulness and point of difference. This website features an online shop where you can purchase Blueberry Corners goods.