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Graphic Design 

We help our clients tailor and deliver their most important messages to their customers through innovative thinking, use of advanced graphic design technology, and of course by utilising the skills of our talented graphic designers. We pride ourselves on being able to bring a whakaaro Māori approach to our concepts and designs and to communicate these ideas visually for our clients and their audiences. 

There are so many projects that we have worked on over the years but can't display them all online, so feel free to request a private portfolio of our work that we can share in confidence. 

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Our team specialise in combining strategy with beautiful design. 

We are known for our ability to bridge the gap between Te Ao Māori and Te Ao Pākeha by using our upbringing and experiences in both worlds to inform our design processes. 

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Our corporate document designs are clear, concise and developed exclusively for your business.

They make your company’s documentation effective, uniform and most importantly, easily manageable. Fixed corporate templates enable businesses to be more cost-effective.

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Over the years we have worked on so many exciting projects that range from book design to Product packaging design to National Campaigns to Social Media Content. We love to take on any kind of design project and can work with you on your project through the development phases right through to output and management.

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