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Whether you're a client of ours or just someone interested in learning about some of the amazing tools that we use on a daily here at Whakaaro Factory, this is where you'll find tutorials and tips and tricks of some of our favourite features from our perspective. 

We hope that you find this helpful! Enjoy! 

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This is where we manage all of our client projects as well as all of our in house projects. Its a visual way to plan, to share and to collaborate with people working from multiple locations all over the world. As long as you have wifi and a good connection you're good to go!

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Wix is the magic tool that we most commonly use for a lot of the websites that we create for our clients. We highly recommend Wix because its reasonably priced, and its easy to make edits and updates to your website yourself! We also give free 1 hour tutorials as part of our Website Development Service, so that you have everything you need to know to enable you and your company to focus on the important stuff. 

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