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Our free membership is for clients who want to stay connected and keep updated with services and deals that we provide. We get to see who our client base are that are keen to stay connected and you get access to more of us and our services. 


Here is where things get a bit more exciting. By paying for a one year membership with us you gain access to Free online Tutorials, Live seminars, Free Asset folders every month that are designs by Digital Natives here in Aotearoa that are fully downloadable for you to use wherever and whenever. You also get exclusive deals just for paid members.


We are currently designing and developing new online  courses and digital courses aimed at Iwi, hapu and whānau and Māori businesses, and organizations around the motu. 

The courses are delivered to different age groups and dynamics and are focused around helping our people to  become tech savvy so that they can use the tools that are out there to advance their people. Details to come.  

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