Infographics and motion graphics have rapidly become an essential form of visual communication in the information age. They can be employed on the web or in print to reach your audience wherever they are. Through a combination of icons, illustrations, and/or data visualizations, successful infographics are beautiful pieces of visual content that show content rather than just talking about it.

We help our clients tailor and deliver their most important messages to their customers through innovative thinking, use of advanced graphic design technology, and of course by utilising the skills of our talented graphic designers. We pride ourselves on being able to bring a whakaaro Māori approach to our concepts and designs and to communicate these ideas visually for our clients and their audiences. 

We see websites as interactive art canvases. Going through a website should be an enjoyable experience and it should be easy to use, for not only the user, but also for the client to maintain without having to rely on a programmer. We use platforms such as Wix to lower costs for our clients and which allow us to create or re-design websites relatively easily.

We love being able to communicate ideas through drawn pictures. If we could, we would produce art work for client projects all day. Our Illustration style is colourful and expressive, and like our graphic design work, we are able to incorporate our cultural knowledge into illustrations to enable us to produce unique pieces of work for our clients.

Need a promotional video? Telling stories by capturing footage, interviewing and editing to produce beautiful video, whether it be promotional for a business, a documentary, a short film or even a wedding, video is our thing and and we have lots of experience in this area to help you construct, develop and produce a quality video.




In addition to our digital services, we also love Home decor and accessories, so we have created a line of products that you can purchase online that are our spin on a modern day representation of our culture and people.